SCN2672AC3N40 Datasheet/Description???

A friend of mine recently gave me a box full of old electronic components
and there are a large amount of SCN2672AC3N40 IC's that I can't find a
datasheet for. Does anyone know what this chip does, who made it, and where
I might be able to find a datasheet?
The following is printed on the 40-pin DIP package:
steve h.
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"steve h." schreef in bericht news:
FAIK the SCN2672 was part of a chip set meant to build a text terminal back in the eighties. The parts were (SCN)2670, 2671, 2672 and 2677. Assuming the "A" part to be the A-version of the original SCN2672, it should be the part for the videotiming. Hardly interesting anymore.
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