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Hello my motorcycle needs new connector plugs spliced into the wiring. It c arries 30amps at 12 volts. The plugs need to be 4 circuit/prongs. I'm hopin g to find a local store that would carry connector plugs with wires if poss ible. The connector plugs can be generic and do not need any weather proofi ng as they will be enclosed inside the headlight enclosure fairing plastics . I live in Huntington Beach, california, USA.

Does anybody know of nationwide or local to me or online sources I can find connector plugs? Thanks all!

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Try any auto parts store, the often have many connectors generic or otherwise.

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30 amps is a lot to expect from auto parts store connectors. I would look at something from Tyco/Amphenol and Digikey might be the place to start.
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gfretwell submitted this idea :

30 amps is a lot on a motorcycle too. :-? Wot is the OP doing? 30 amps is 6 or 7 headlampls? 8-o
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John G

Try a two way radio shop for the Anderson Powerpole 30A parts. Here are some on Ebay.

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Michael A. Terrell

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