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I recently purchased a Polaris Ranger utility vehicle for use on my acreage. I would like to install a voltage inverter on it to convert

12VDC to 120 VAC. I want to be able to use power tools in remote areas.

What kind of things should I consider in such a purchase AND do any of you have a recommendation of a particular product.

Thanks in Advance.

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Randell Tarin
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It depends on what you mean by "power tools" and how long you need to use them for. Most of mine use around 1kW - that around 100A from a 12v battery. Normal vehicle batteries aren't intended to be used for such things, so you will have to factor in enough AH of "deep discharge" aka "recreation vehicle" extra batteries and a split charger.

I just use a portable generator. It's smaller and lighter than an inverter plus batteries would be. It's a lot cheaper to buy and to run

- assuming that you are recharging the deep discharge battery by leaving the vehicle engine running.

You will need to look at the peak loading of your power tools, say when starting and when stalled, as well as the normal running power.

Inverters plus batteries are a lot quieter and have huge advantages in many situations - but running power tools from the back of a truck sounds more like a generator solution, to me..

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I'm talking saws and drills. I hadn't thought about a generator...something to consider. Thanks.


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Randell Tarin

i have even had reciprocating saws stall out a small generator.

if you can get battery powered tools you can use the inverter to charge the batteries.

i haven't seen a battery powered table saw yet :)

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Randell Tarin

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