Why Americans can't compete with overseas labor

Try working wearing a 10 pound fall protection harness, on a tied off ladder, wearing safety glasses that you can't see through, steel toed shoes that hurt your feet, a hard hat, leather gloves that you have to keep taking off, then have the inspector write the whole job up becasue you have installed Made in China fittings. You have to be certified to use the manlift, rotohammer, hilti, and forklift or you can't use them even though you have been using them for 25 years. You have to get NICET certification to work on a fire alarm system that you have been installing for 25 years.

We are regulated to death. We can't compete with workers that do not have to cope with these rules.

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Gerald Newton
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Correct, but how many deaths would you consider acceptable on your next project?

BTW the fact that you have used an item for twenty five years is no evidence that you have used it correctly.

I hate having to wear PPE on site, I am not a civil I do not usually step very far from a control room, but I realise the importance of playing the safety game to its fullest extent. In the umpteen million to one chance someone drops a girder on me or demolishes the building I'm working in, I, or some money grabbing scrounger that cares to stake a claim can get a payout. The other advantage is that by wearing the stuff and abiding by the rules One sets an example to the other people on site that have more risky professions.

I can well imagine the childlike attitude that some of the cretins I share a site with would be if PPE was worn according to job function and location on site.

We can't compete, this is correct. As soon as a western life drops to the same value as a "nig nog" then we will undoubtably reap the rewards!!


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Hugh Neary


Oh, a desk jockey telling me how it is. Try working for a change and you will learn the truth. That is why we have all these rules - to give desk whimps a job!

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Gerald Newton

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