Lego Toothbrushes

I just thought I'd mention that I saw some Lego toothbrushes at the drugstore the other day.

I saw two types, one was a "Jack Stone" type of toothbrush.

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The others were Bionicle themed - and may have been battery powered.

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Neb Okla
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Those are on the inside backcover of the November 2003 Bionicle comic book.

In part: "Bionicle Powered tooth brush by Colgate" and, "The new toothbrush comes with a Mask of Power brush cover that also fits on Bionicle action heroes."

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Kay Archer

I saw the Bionicle ones, but the brush strengths were all X-Soft, and I'm the kind of guy who likes HARD. Maybe an 8 year old's brushes weren't made for me. :(

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Hmm. My dentists have always recommended "Soft" bristles. Apparently they don't wear at your teeth as much, but they clean just as well.

They also recommend a motorized toothbrush (since it's the number of strokes, not the bristle strength that cleans the teeth).

Who knows, maybe it all evens out. I know they said that some people brush too hard and it causes them problems, so it's best to check with your dentist and find out what he/she thinks.

I wonder why they've never made a Lego Dental office...

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Neb Okla

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