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I have seen (pictures) of bricks with slots in the sides for the old
What about these bricks with slots in the tubes, but not the sides?
Where do they come from?
Got these in OKC at a resale shop (lucky day).
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Kay Archer
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Unfortunatley, I don't know the answer.
I'd try asking on Lugnet. This newsgroup is about as dead as it gets.
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Jeff Findley
The bricks with slots in the tubes are an old way they made the bricks.
The first Lego bricks made in 1949 had no tubes, but had slots in the sides to allow fexibility for connecting the bricks together. The tube was introduced in 1958. See here for a chronology of Lego:
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The slotted tubes might be in bricks made out of cellulose acetate. That material was dropped in 1963, and ABS was used from then on. Possibly ABS bricks did not require the slots for the binding feature.
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Ken Rice

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