Common Courtesy, or lack of it!

Feel like a grumpy old fart at present, have had bad 'flu since last week and the weather is not helping much, plus I have to drive up to Edinburgh and back Thursday/Friday in the middle of yet more rain!

The main reason for my extended grumps, though, is the total lack of courtesy shown by people these days, be it ebay buyers who won't leave feedback or the much more prevelant problem of those who never come back with a simple 'thank you' after you have supplied information that have asked for.

We get a lot of requests for info, probably 3 or 4 a day when busy, but less than 30% of enquirers come back and acknowledge your email response.

If this is the way things are going in this world then I'd be better off out of it methinks!

Grumble, grumble, grumble, cough, splutter...


-- Peter & Rita Forbes Email:

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Peter A Forbes
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Oh!!! We all love you.

Martin P

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When the sun eventually starts to shine you will feel loads better Peter .

My wife says I have two moods

Summer grumpy

winter grumpy


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The wild eye

Eh? Rain? The forecast`s snow for Edinburgh postcodes. See you on Thursday,Grumpy.


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If you care about receiving eBay feedback, it's time to switch the damned thing off and go outside for a walk,

Even in this weather.

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Andy Dingley

He he I thought I was grumpy when I cut all the old tie raps of the street post in our village that folks had left after advertising there latest birthday etc :-)


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I think "caring about ebay feedback" is the wrong expression, I do not chase people to leave it, but having been the first to leave feedback for my purchases I do expect them to reciprocate.

I also have a policy of not returning to those who haven't left feedback.


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK

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Prepair Ltd

I do so agree with you, Peter. It costs nothing to raise a paw to someone who let you out on a busy road or a minute to say "Thanks" after a helpful reply. Courtesy is the oil in the gearbox of life & its lack is always resented.

I make a point of not leaving Feedback first, but will always wait until I've received a Positive response. I then leave an honest and detailed posting - always Positive so far, I'm pleased to say!


Kim Siddorn

Teach a child to be polite and courteous and you create an adult that can't merge a car into faster traffic.

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Kim Siddorn

Someone taught me the following when sending an Email.

Write the Email. Save it as a draft. Then open it up again as if it was an Email sent to you.(this is when you will notice all the Pleases and Thankyou's missing) Read and change. Always reply just to acknowledge receipt.

Email is so impersonal.

It's so easy to type, hit send and forget.

Thanks for listening!!!

Kind Regards


P.S. Try working in London where Please and Thankyou does not seem to exist.

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I have supplied copies from my Stuart Turner collection to persons in this country and abroad over the recent months and have experienced the same non response from one or two. At the last Honiton show I offered the owner of a Stuart N a copy of the h/book.I duly scanned, printed ,packaged and posted to his address and have heard nothing from him since.(I will be looking for him at this years show) I also burnt a cd with Stuart info for an engine collector in France sent it via Royal mail and again no response.I did however get a thank you from his contact in France. The majority of people do respond and for that I thank them . Mike.H.

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