BRM Festival of Modelling 2008 - or rather, the lack of...?

Now it's new year I was just thinking ahead a few months to the next major
exhibitions and one that doesn't appear to have been set yet is the annual
BRM Festival of Modelling, normally held at Alexandra Palace. Normally it's
known about quite a while in advance, but seems to have gone AWOL this year?
I gather that Ally Pally changed hands recently, so was wondering if that
might not be available as a venue, but surely the exhibition itself wouldn't
have been cancelled just because of that? Does anyone else here have any
more info?
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Ian J.
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29 & 30 March
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Mark Thornton
Thanks for that. I looked under their 'diary dates' section, where it isn't listed! I missed the exhibitions section. It's also missing from the UKModelShops listings too. Seems they aren't too fussy about people attending it if they're not prepared to get it listed in the well known places, especially their own list!!
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Ian J.
Well perhaps they just don't want idiots attending, after all one has to be an idiot NOT to look in the *exhibition* section of the said web site whilst looking for (err) exhibitions! Duh...
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Ah, but my point was that I *completely missed* the existence of the exhibition section. I'm still an idiot for missing it, but that's not the point! ;-)
Ian J.
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Ian J.
I take it your not attending then ;-)
No more than one (someone at BRM) has to be an idiot not to put it in the diary dates section.
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Or their designers are idiots for designing things in such a way that you missed it...
TBH, I would have thought the "idiot" sector is a core audience for model railway shows, along with "unwashed" and "miserable old git".
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Arthur Figgis
All too true,unfortunately.
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Don't feed the troll!
:Jerry: hasn't posted here for a while but it hasn't taken him long to revert to type and imply someone is an idiot.
You are not an idiot, Ian!
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