Out of 2008

I completed 14 models in 2008. Sort of.
1/72 Revell Hunter F4
1/72 Revell Hunter FGA74
1/72 Hasegawa RF-4E
1/72 Hasegawa F-15A
1/72 Tamiya Mosquito NF.II
1/48 Eduard FW-190A-8
1/48 Tamiya Spitfire prototype
1/48 Tamiya FW-190D
1/48 Hasegawa F4U-5N Corsair
1/48 Hasegawa Spitfire XII (Aeroclub conversion kit)
1/48 Hasegawa Spitfire VII
1/48 Hasegawa Spitfire VIII
1/48 Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat
1/48 Tamiya Corsair II
I say "sort of" because I'm not counting the eight 1/72 Armourfast tanks
that I started as paint dummies to see whether I had what it takes to build
armour models. They turned into a lot of fun. Neither am I counting the
eight Dragon 1/35 figures that I tried my hand out and which turned out
rather well. I'm not even counting the 1/72 Sea Fury, Hellcat and Corsair
that I built as fun "What If" projects. And I'm definitely not counting the
half dozen 4mm scale Stanier railway coaches.
All in all, I had a rather satisfying 2008, modelling-wise. What are the
scores on *your* doors?
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Enzo Matrix
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New abode, updating all my qualifications (having ceased being a full time carer) and various other life events got in the way - Mainly due to lack of somewhere to keep models safe - However friend's kid wanted some toy soldiers, so I did him some with some vehicles and scenery - The bug has definately bitten - He is now the proud owner of a *lot* of WW2 military stuff culled from my stash, all in correct formations but awaiting the Armourfast German half tracks to complete. Got totally absorbed in the scenery side, solved all the problems I had when I was his age, particularly fond of the bank-statement sand bags (should make life harder for identity thieves -
formatting link
). Also rather pleased with the 'safety trees', got very carried away with that lot (
formatting link
), all he needs now is a *really* big room to set them all up in. Not sure his Mum was too impressed but apparently his mates are all turning up to play with them! There is a plan to build a 'space base' (ripple lighting down the runway, revolving radars etc, fancied building one since I was a kid myself, those who grew up with Fireball XL5 and Space Patrol will understand), but I thnk I need another kiddie to give it to as it'll be about five feet by two feet six inches. Should make a good 'night light' though, especially if I can get some stories written to go with it (to reinforce the idea of someone being 'on watch' in the control tower). Converting some Airfix Orion Shuttles to air-breathing atmic powered transports (dorsal intake and fin is all that is required for that) but want to have removable undercarriage so they can also be suspended from the ceiling if required. Personally I have to make some ships to go on a model railway, have the materials, all I need now is some time, and the model railway. In the longer term I have to finish the project started in about 1976 to model representative forces of NATO and WP for Europe in the middle of the Cold War, still working on the military side (distinct shortage of suitable figures there) and when the shelving goes up I'll start on the air support side. For the moment it's all in A4 box files, about three or four cubic feet. Still think kits are both cheaper and more effective that anti-stress medication, have always believed that kits should be made available on the National Health (in the UK at least).
Best wishes for the new year
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Mike Smith
I usually am a fast builder, but slowed down in the past few months. New baby in the house... Without getting out my records, my December builds were a YP-37 (Beechnut fuselage, all the rest modified from an Academy P-40B), Matchbox JU-188, Entex XP-50 (pure junk), and a Frog Me262 done gear up.
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Frog? I have a couple of Frog Gannets in the Deep Stash. Once day I'd like to do a triple build - Revell, Trumpeter and Frog - and make sure I get them all to the same standard. I think it's the sort of thing that Al Superczynski would have approved of.
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Enzo Matrix
I've done just that sort of thing with the 262s, as well as several other of my favorite planes. Great fun.
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That's something I have done in the past. I have a small flock of Bf 110s of all manufacturers waiting for their canopies to be finished. Masking those has been a laborious process but I don't have the steady hands to freehand the frames anymore.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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anybody want the first 15 v model ar234's? actually, the dolly's were the hard part. i really should figure out where they are.
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Well, all in 1/72nd...
3 E-2's, Fujimi (completed the day I heard about the Hasegawa offering) 4 F/A-18F, Hasegawa 1 P-3C, Hasegawa 2 F-15C, Hasegawa 2 F-15D, Hasegawa 3 A-4M, Fujimi 4 F-16AM, Revell Germany 2 F-16BM, Revell Germany 3 2 1/2 Ton Trucks, Tamyia 3 Dingo's, Revell Germany 1 F-16CJ, Revell USA
I've noticed that it takes me longer to finish kits than in the past. Interruptions have increased.
I also fired my agent, got a new one, and finished two novels and started a third. Took a big bite our of the modeling time!
Don H.
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Don Harstad
Not a huge amount completed but better than I'd expected.
1/48 Airfix Lightning F6 1/48 Airfix Jaguar 1/48 Dynavector TSR2 1/48 Hasegawa Sabre, Revell box and Eagle Strike RAF decals 1/48 Classic Airframes DH Hornet. What a horrible kit. 1/48 Dragon Fw190D9. Not a horrible kit and unfairly maligned. 1/48 Hasegawa F104G
Plus Airfix Buccaneer underway Airfix Nimrod that stalled waiting for the Model Alliance stencil data decals and failed to get restarted.
Not a lot of models but a fun time building them.
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Don't be so hard on it; it's not a bad as a Starfix.... I built mine as an American Luft '46, with underwing rockets and accurized painting and markings; didn't look ~too~ bad although I admit I'd never enter it in a contest. I liked the national insignia on the box art too, too bad the builder put them on upside down.
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The Old Man
I finished around 6 kits. That does not include painting, right? If so its a big zero. Glued my fingers together on New Year's Eve, does that count towards anything?
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