Re: Harry Potter question...

is the knight's armor just a light grey virsion of the old breastplate
from the early 90's? If so i gotta get me some!
I was curious if someone could take a yard stick to their Hogwart's set and
>give me rough dimensions... Had the set for some time, never assembled it.
>Now we have an infant son and obviously I don't want him swallowing any
>parts... I've got some display cases, but I'm curious if it'll fit!? >
>Additionally, don't all the Harry Potter sets connect together somehow?
>Specifially, isn't Hogwart's able to sit on top of the Chamber of Secrets? Can
>Dumbledore's office attach to Hogwart's (if it's connected to the Chamber)? >
>Any knowledge you can share would be appreciated!
>Rod Z.
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Indeed, several of the second-year tie-in sets are designed to sit below or above first-year sets. Just grab one of those "big picture" one-sheets from your second-year sets to see where they recommend they link up. My wife complains that the chamber of secrets and the chess board don't seem to be related properly, but hey, the LEGO castle has tons of features not seen in the books, and I ain't complaining. :) Not all of the sets connect, but several do. And, of course, you're not required to follow the "official" setup at all.
I have most of the sets resting on a dining table that would normally sit six people comfortably. Even with the "stacking" of sets, the whole table is pretty much taken up, with enough room between sets to appreciate them, but it _is_ a bit cramped. Any non-castle sets (i.e. the Dursley house) are displayed on little shelves on the wall nearby. Kind of like Mr. Rogers and his miniatures of the Land of Make Believe sets.
Let me know which sets you have, and I can give a rough footprint for them.
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