Seeking Exin Castillo Pieces and a Lego Castle question

If anyone has old sets of Exin Castillo pieces they'd like to sell,
post here.
Also, can anyone offer up an opinion on the quality and such of the
Lego Castles compared to the Exin Castillos?
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Alex Mars
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the castillins are way better if you're into castles. I've got a set from Long Ago (sorry, not for sale). I find that they don't hold together as well as Legos, but the curves and crenelated tops are way better....
the lego castles re pretty poor in my opinion. They're limited to orthagonal (right angle) construction. If you use a lot of hinges, you can make octagons or such for "round" towers, but that gets expensive quick (and leaves gaps in the tower walls)...
As a side not, I'm working on a large lego castle now... I'm still in the early design stages, but I'll post sketches and piece counts as they develop...
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