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Does everyone here think that LEGO has gone away from its roots? It used to have alot of really cool town sets like airports and stuff, and they actually had some good building in them. Now town sets consist of like 10 big pieces and thats it, sure they have gone back to it a wee bit this year and last but its just not good enough, give me the old stuff thats the stuff i like.

By the way, if any of you are interested i have my own personal lego website,

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if your interested then have a look


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Nope, just buy the right sets, or do what Lego is intended for: design the things yourself.

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I agree. There are lots of cool Creator sets out that have lots of basic pieces. I also like the X-Pods, which contain lots of pieces beyond basic bricks, but the pieces are still far more generic than many theme sets.


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Jeff Findley

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