We all nee a little help now and then

Hi everyone I am just trying to get some money together to get my web site off the ground. Will you help me. any kind of donation will be gratefully received however small, 25p 50p or more its your choice if you would like to help me then please send any payment to my paypal account which is snipped-for-privacy@giftguru.co.uk (I cannot accept less as paypal will charge me 20p +

3.4% any sum less than those above may have to be transfered back to sender) and if you don't want to then that's fine just try clicking on my site
formatting link
I only have the front page so far. But please come back I might have more next time. I am selling a range of toys from less than a pound up to £70 remote control cars stock is always changing but I cant build a web site on my own so need help any appreciated. If you would like a list and or pictures please contact me on the above E-mail address. Well thanks for looking and may be see you around sometime.

May you and all your family and friends have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Many Many Thanks


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