"world" police HQ?

after tiring of the space stuff, I want to build me a large Lego city.
I've decided that the safety of my citizens is of number-one
importance, so a police station will be the first building to go up!
anyway, I was looking at lego.com and see that there seems to be two
different police HQ's, one of them called the "World" police HQ.
what's the story behind the "World" theme?
I'm actually thinking of buying both kits and having them side-by-side
and building a walk-thru tunnel (with a large heliport on the roof)
between them.
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The "World" theme is new for 2003. You can have a look at all the sets at shop.lego.com.
This set has to be one of the best this year. Great parts, great figs...A must for true Lego fans.
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re: world city police HQ
i totally disagree here. i didnt like the simplified building walls and the unrealistic ATV. its way overpriced. i think the older police sets of the 80s were much better. if i was to build a police station, i would model it after one of those sets (possibly getting the instructions online.) that said, i did like the new police squad car for 2003, although i would have preferred they had a roof for the vehicle. the helicopter looked a bit childish and unrealistic.
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I agree with you. Legos are building toys, there shouldn't be these large bulky preassembled parts. Not only does it make it harder for non-direction builders to collect pieces that are versatile, it also makes the sets look cheesy. I'm glad they have that 'classic' section with the Pizza Place etc.
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