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Exhibition in Lem, Denmark
Members of Byggepladen are planning a LEGO exhibition in Lem-Hallen Saturday 11th June. Play well, Jacob
Microfig truss bridge
Couldn't resist the bricks this morning: well, Jacob
BrickCon 2010
BrickCon: Tales of the Brick Adult Fans Of LEGO=99 Convention September 30th - October 3rd, 2010 Seattle Center Exhibition Hall Seattle, Washington USA is the time to register for BrickCon 2010,...
Lego Tower Destroyed!
Here's a cool lego tower destruction video: Kid Matthew destroys a huge Lego tower with his bat. More destruction: Lego Tower 2 - Lego Tower 3 -...
Fire Brigade for 149.99 until Aug15 in catalog
I've never posted before but I just had a happy accident when ordering the Fire Brigage Set. In the summer 2010 catalog for CANADA there is a typo of 149.99 for this set instead of 199.99! On page 27...
Lego Clone Factory/Droid Factory?
My 6 yr. old nephew has a birthday coming up and he's really into legos. He was saying there was a star wars lego set called "clone factory" or "droid factory" and that the set spins and puts the...
Lego-Shopping in Austria
Hello, if you want to buy Lego online at and live in Austria, you're welcome in my new Shop
We=92re currently casting married couples for a new fun entertainment show on Channel 7. I=92m looking to find someone who is an avid Lego collector, and their partner does not share their enthusiasm!...
Looking for RC lego docs, stuff
In the next couple of months I would like to own at least one good lego RC car and/or truck. I already own a nitro racer but don't like it because it because of the very small controller and also the...
(Toy Whimsy) - The folks over at LEGO have a new, and very cool, website called LEGOCL!CK. Billed as a "LEGO Social Media Tool" it is a place to bring LEGO fans together to swap ideas and hear more...
For Sale: Lego sets (liquidating collection) - Technic, Mindstorms, Star Wars, and more!
I'm liquidating my collection of legos on ebay. No reserves on any of these auctions! Includes a huge lot of technic and mindstorms sets, including the massive Mobile Crane (set#: 8421) Also included...
Lego toys
Hi everyone. I wnated to share you with some nice toys & games on my store. Check this out:
Mindstorms 2.0 - mac software?
Greetings - I'm teaching in a school and we recently switched from PC to MAC. I have copies of Robotic Inventions 2.0 for PC, but can't find it anywhere for Mac. Can anyone point me in the right...
Help: Falcon set 10179
I'm having trouble getting the pieces right on pages 123 and 124. Can anyone help? Thanks John
"Dragon Boat"
I?ve built a sailboat from the pieces from a great flame throwing dragon[1]: well, Jacob [1] 4894 Mythical Creatures Photos of a sailboat made from pieces of a dragon.