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Sparre's Smuggling Service
The extremely low cargo capacity of the Cargo Plane annoyed me enough, to make me build this Russian style cargo plane: a true ?Babyflot? craft, there are a few visible rusty spots on the body. Enjoy...
Lego digital designer
Anyone working with Lego digital designer to build a model? I manage to create nice things in this software but for me there are a lot of important features missing: Functional: - The ability when a...
Wheels and tires @ pick-a-brick
Hi, I want to order some custom parts. I need tires and wheels for the bricks 2926 and 30157 but I have no idea what to take because I'm not sure if the tires and wheels will match. I want tires and...
Power Miners set 8958 Granite Grinder
So I was throwing the set together the other day and, on the back of the vehicle there are those two 'propane tanks' with the handles on top that use a red rebar down the center of the cylinder/dome...
Lego construction manual
Hi! I search construction manual of lego set, where can build a red formula 1 car or oldsmobile or a cross-country car. I was given this set in year 1991, or 1992, 1993, or 1994...But i have not...
Exin Castillo pic site (plus other Castle build toys)
I have started a forum and pic site for Exin Castillos and other castle build toys, come on by.
where to go for lego help
Hi i'm new to the internet of lego, iv started building a model of my house to help plan roof repairs, extensions, solars etc and want to find out where to get internet help but this newsgroup seems...
More 1960's sets on ebay...
I've put some more 1960's sets up including a Bungalow, set 344 from 1969 opening at 99p, no reserve! Simon eBay Mobile
1960's / 1970's sets on ebay
Time to clear out some of my older small sets, including trees, traffic signs, vehicles, buildings etc, all boxed. Have a look at eBay Mobile
Lego 8421 Mobile Crane power function
Lego 8421 Mobile Crane - Full Power Function - 7 Motors IR control
very nice Lego art
Massive STARGATE SG-1 LEGO Asgard Baliskner on eBay
Geekologie You a Stargate SG-1 fan? Want a LEGO replica of the Asgard Beliskner Battle Ship? Got $3,500? Live in or around Highland Park, Illinois? Willing to drive there? If so you're in luck because...
2009 Lego Calendar 6
Give it a rest. Hardly anyone reads the Lego newsgroups anymore, so spamming these newsgroups aren't going to get you many buyers for your overpriced calendar. That is unless the mad hatter can free...
Re: 2009 Lego Calendar4
That's great, but at $29.04, I think I'll pass. I prefer to make up my own calendar with my own creations at WinkFlash (as a customer, I like them a lot): Small Spiral - 4.6" x 6" - $9.95 Medium...
Lego Gummy (link)
In case you haven't seen this (it's been in a lot of blogs): makes silicone mold of Lego blocks, then makes gummy candies from mold. They look a lot like clear real Lego bricks. Elijah ------ they are...