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Lego Tilt-A-Whirl Ride
Check out this fan created Lego version of the Tilt-A-Whirl made in homage to one of my favorite rides as a child; The Tilt-A-Whirl. This ride has 8 c ars that spin while the platform rotates. It is...
A Christmas portrait
We've had a mosaic building competition in Byggepladen ( this Christmas. My contribution to the competition was this portrait of my daughter Lea: Play well, Jacob
Need directions on for a Tyco cargo ship.
I have remnants of a tyco ship that I really could use info for. Such as how many pieces and which kind. I've looked at several sites but they don't mention this particular model. The decal that's on...
Lego Ninjago display for sale
My friend has pictures and links to more pics here. you have questions, please email him at zanzav2(at) Hello all! I have a rather unique item for sale, a Transformers Kre-O store display. This...
Re-building and managing 100 LEGO sets (some 5000 thousand pieces)
Our challenge:=20 Me (Anssi, 49) and Oskar (my son, 9) have maybe hundred LEGO sets. All but = the latest Ninjagos are disassembled currently (There are a lot of Star War= s and Ninjago). Most parts...
Updated FAQ or other basic info?
Is there anywhere? Like where is the LEGO hobby activity on the net? This group?
We have a missing General Grievous. LEGO will not sell it as replacement (some licencing issues with Mr. Lucas?).
Is there a place for asking to buy rare LEGO pieces?
Faroese landscape (work in progress)
I am working on a small scene representing a typical Faroese landscape. There is a narrow country road snaking along the side of a mountain, crossing a small stream on an even narrower bridge. I hope...
Lego minifigs
and Used minifigs - Batman - Indiana Jones - Starwars - Harry P. - Pirates (of the Caribbean) - City - ... just ask for more
The Cube
"The Cube" () is the home of an architect. The ground floor is a combined kitchen, dining room and living room. The second floor hosts the home offices of the architect and his wife. The top floor...
LookUp Lego Product Details
LookUp Lego Product Details like EAN or MPN. Comes in handy for Google Shopping /merchant
I suppose most of you can identify this scene: not, here?s the first hint: ?I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. ?Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky.?? There are a few...
Seagulls (minifig scale)
I am looking for some inspiration for building flying seagulls for a minifig scene. So far I've found this sitting seagull in minifig scale: own attempts at flying seagulls are these two: anybody...
Lugnet down?
I can't get through to Lugnet today. Is this a planned down-time? Is it just be me, who can't get through? Play well, Jacob
Lego Reviews
Hi everyone!! I just joined your group and I wanted to let everyone know that I do Lego Reviews on YouTube. Here's a link to one of my most recent videos. It's the Lego Star Wars Tantive IV 10198...