A new discussion forum

A new forum has been created, but only for trading locksmiths.
It is free to join, but the rules and access criteria are strict, this
is for the protection of the forum and it's users.
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There are 8 advisors, and currently 70 + members and growing rapidly.
As for the topics of discussion, there are a number of fora, none of which can even been seen to anyone that is not a registered & approved user.
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So what are all 10 of you going to discuss?
All kinds of things. Things that your parents never warned you about.Things that your friends in school always whispered out of your earshot.Things that you never think about on that idle Tuesday.Things that some people talk about, but have never done.Things that, if told to people with certain intelligence factors, would leave them a brain-tied, senseless, babbling idiot!!!
See you there, if you're a locksmith.
If you're not-you're just S.O.L.
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no need to troll him about his new discussion group. he was on-topic. if you don't want to go to his group ? then don't go... I am not going but it isn't about the new group. I like open forums where everyone is welcome that follows the topic of the group.
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When I read this, I wonder if there would be interest in a german newsgroup about locksmithing, not linked to the worldwide nntp network, just as a single, simple newsserver, for the german speaking community. So far there are just mailing lists or web forums, but I am really missing a newsgroup.
Should I set up something like this? Comments, suggestions? Would cost me nothing but some time to give it a try :)
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Ralph A. Schmid, DK5RAS
does not Europe have...'lockpicking clubs'??? then the second question becomes how much demand is there for locksmiths over in Germany? as far as perhaps something like Clearstar?
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