best small manual cutter

Looking at either the ILCO 008 or Mini Speedex for durability,
My application is light commercial use, managed properties. I deal with
SC1 and SC9, and misc padlock keys. Any opinions
would be appreciated.
thanks ,
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a punch?.. for the Schlage..considering you only got 1 brand misc padlock which??
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Either machine would serve equally well. I used to have several realtors that had their own machines that they would use when getting a listing they could make several copies for the box the file and test them before they left.
The important thing to remember is that the lower end machines are lower end machines. They have their limitations and if you attempt to make copies of copies you go down hill really fast, but if you are just making copies of file key originals. They also do not hold adjustment well. This means to get satisfactory results periodic service will be required.
The realtor that had his own machine would give me lots of service business, always came to me to cut keys when he did not have blanks and would purchase blanks so every month or two he would drop off the machine and I would dial it in for him. I only charged him for parts if they were needed.
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Roger Shoaf

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