Braided steel vinyl coated cable - Are they any god

I'm thinking about getting a braided steel vinyl coated cable
7ft x 15mm Kryptonite.
It would basically be to chain my snowblower outdoors, to a steel
gated window. I would need approx 7 ft of chain.....
Are the braided steel cables bolt cutter proof . I would be using a
Mul-T Padlock that I have......I have a couple of these + our house
doors which are keyed the same.
Love to hear your thought/recommendations.
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john soto
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bicycle riders in new york city use a cable lock called the cobra, supposed to be best cable lock, kryptonite being next best
supposedly 2 locks are used for best security of a bicycle left locked in public, a cable lock (which can be defeated with bolt cutters), and a u lock, u shaped steel (kryptonie makes them), which supposedly takes a 15 foot long prybar to defeat, rationale of 2 locks being most crooks won't be carrying around a 15 foot pry bar and a cable lock
how all that applies, if at all, to securing your snowblower i don't know
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Gone in 5 seconds. The cable can be hacked off or cut. Go with a thick link chain that will make for a much more difficult time in removal. They're harder to hack and if thick and strong enough may hold up to a junk bolt cutter. Make sure the lock is a big one. Also, out of sight, out of mind. Keep it hidden.
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Glen Cooper
So get some _chain_. Cable just doesn't last against thievery - none of them.
Another tip is that you can remove most padlocks by hitting them with a sledgehammer. So always chain up in a way that the padlock can't be moved around and placed on the floor as a convenient anvil.
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Andy Dingley

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