steel cable Ferrule

I got a 5' length of 1/16 steel cable for 18 cents at Homedepot. I also
bought a 1/16 set of Ferrule and stop set. I've used a Ferrule before
(squeeze em' with big pliers), but what is a "stop" and why would I
want or need this? What is the best way to do this, that is attach it
to the moter mount?
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I don't know what the stop is, but...
Take the top centering ring and drill two holes an inch apart, and about 1/4 inch in from the motor mount hole You then pass the steel cable down one hole and up the second. Create a loop with the end that you fed through and crimp the ferrule. Then feed the free end of the cable through the loop and up the tube of the rocket. Make a loop with the second ferrule so that the top of the loop is just barely below the lip of the body tube. Attach (quick link) a section of tubular nylon to this and your chute/nose to the other end. You can epoxy the lower part onto the motor mount tube if you want, but its not needed.
I've used this method on rockets from 1.9 inch diameter to 7.5 inch diameter and it has yet to fail me. I don't know who came up with the idea, but I've seen it in Quest rockets, Flis Kits rockets and Cosmodrome rockets.
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I don't know for sure, but it seems to have originated with North Coast Rocketry back in the 80's, and their "Gorilla" mount. So either Matt Steele or Chris Pearson. Apogee's Ed LaCroix adapted it using kevlar for his small competition rockets in '88, but he wrapped the lower end sometimes around the motor mount tube, which can also be done with HPR as well.
Roy nar12605
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Roy Green
The HD in my area is a joke as they don't know their asses from a hole in the ground. Lowe's has the same thing and they know what they sell, and furthermore what the 'stops' are used for. The STOP is crimped to the tag end of the loop--after you make the loop and crimp the ferrule. It's included to not only protect you from getting poked by the frayed cable ends, but it's the last line of defense should the ferrule fail.
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K Cornelius
Do you squeeze it shut ? That is the Stop, do you squeeze it?
Thanks ; K Cornelius wrote:
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