1970 Ford tractor tach cable

I've been rebuilding my 1970 Ford 2000 tractor over the last couple weeks.
I'm on the home stretch. Should start it tonight or tomorrow.
The unit has never had an RPM readout since I've owned it. I found the
problem is that the tach. cable is not connected to the engine. FWIW, ford
calls it a proofmeter cable. I cannot find where this cable connects to
engine after A LOT of searching. My best guess is a piece was left off after
an overhaul before I got the tractor.
Can anybody shed light on the subject?
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Karl Townsend
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Connects to the generator, on the end opposite the pulley (thus, closer to the instrument panel). If someone swapped the generator for a different type, I suppose it might not have the drive arrangement on it. Square socket for the cable, male threads for the female threads of the cable housing to screw onto, main shaft of the generator.
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if you don't have a connection any more for a mechanical tach, an electronic tach can be driven from the points -
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William Noble
Ah, this machine originally had a generator. Now its got an alternator. Mistery solved.
I'll look to get an electronic tach.
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Karl Townsend
I would guess that it connects somewhere near the distributor or the camshaft.
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Jim Chandler
Two cases come to mind (mid '70s) of tach. becoming intermittent and killing the engine. First case, I took away the tach and the problem went away, other case I told the owner with similar result. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller

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