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I have a lock in my hand manufactured by Chicago Lock (CompX) I believe it was then modified externally (I think)by others and mounted in an assembly that is used in a progressive interlock key scheme. In other words, take this key from this lock, put it into this lock, turn, get another key, move it to next lock, etc, etc. I have the cylinder, key, and custom assembly it mounts in. My only problem is that the square brass rear portion of the lock, the part that would normally fit into the cog or detent that would hold a or cabinet shut and looks very common to me is rounded off (because the gorilla that used it had vise grips for hands.)

I realize the above description is useless, I am not a locksmith, just a tech that needs to repair/replace this particular lock (which is part of a 6 lock scheme). There is no way I will send the lock to somebody as I fear it would get lost and render the assembly it is intended for useless. I have spoken to local locksmiths with no headway made. What are my options? I know its a simple fix for the right person or locksmith I just don't know how to find them.

I would be happy to send a photo of this assembly to someone if they believe thy can point me in the right direction to replace or repair it.

Thanks for your time.

Pat MacCarthy Advanced Testing Systems

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what you need to tell the people is a few things.. the lock is a Chicago-takes (need to know the key blank number) there are a lot of them... and you need the lock PLUG, with the square on the back for a cam piece, and its 'overall' x inches long.


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How about some diamentions?

Length of cylinder, etc.

This really sounds like a standard lock that any Locksmith should carry, or be able to get for you.

We carry tubular locks in stock for vending customers.

If each cylinder is keyed different, then, just replace that one.


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post a pic of it and let all look at it and ask more stupid questions, sorta like the medeco problem going on that should have dropped as soon as it was answered the 1st time

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JOCK tec

Sounds Like a Phelps Time Lock Sys. They used small a small Yale cyl. that used a Y-6. Never saw one with a Chicago. We've got a few of them around.


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