CNCKeyCut Cut Keys using a CNC milling machine

Check out my new web site. It's new and still a bit rough, but you
should get the point.
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We have worked out a system
for cutting keys using a cnc milling machine. I dont think there are
any keys you cant cut using this system. Ok there is one that i know
of. hope you didnt just but that quattracode :)
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I looked at your first photo and it was deja vu all over again!
When I got my Volvo, I wanted a key without the big plastic bow, that I could put on my key ring without a big bulge. Since it was impossible to purchase a blank without one, I just bought a sheet of nickel silver and wrote a CNC program to cut my own.
Later, I was master-keying my business and home, so did exactly what you show in the bottom video to cut all the keys. Since it was for a one-off project, I did not bother to put in a fancy user interface. I just wrote a G-Code program that called a subroutine with the required cuts. Then I only had to stand at the machine, put in a blank, and press "Start Cycle".
You have clearly taken the next logical step and developed it into a product. I wish you the best of luck!
One idea I was kicking around, but never did anything with, was to mill my own broaches and blanks so I could duplicate (or create) any key system. The problem was the number of cutters that would be required. It was too much work for too little return.
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Alan Frisbie
Interesting. But if I may make a suggestion. I noted on the first photo where you are cuttng a Lexus key, you have an end mill in a chuck.
While expedient, this will cause mischief. If the chuck loosens you lose an end mill, and the chuck is not as accurate as a collet so one of the flutes is doing the bulk of the work at half efficiency.
I think an optimal set up would be to have a collet with an internal stop to make depth adjustment easy when changing from one cutter to the next.
I always wanted to rig a small DRO and a set of cranks to a side winder machine, but it looks like this is even a better idea.
How many end mills did you snap while you were figuring out the feeds?
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Roger Shoaf
I will second this. Not only can the chuck loosen, but they are simply not designed for any sideways force. Unless they are the threaded type, the taper can suddenly let loose and your chuck drops onto the floor! Collets are the way to go if you don't have the proper end mill holder.
LOL! I remember my first attempt to machine a detailed die in my mill. I went through sixteen 1/32" end mills before I got it right. :-)
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Alan Frisbie
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You can duplicate many types of keys for which blanks are unavailable, just like you can duplicate CDs and DVDs using basic hardware and software intended to get around protection. Many keys are stamped DND, but blanks are usually available from ilco so those can be duplicated w/o this fancy machine.
For those truly restricted blanks, duplicating them is patents infringement(unlawful manufacturing of patented goods for commercial purpose) and subjects you to civil liability just like providing duplication service for copyrighted work. Are the blanks for keys mentioned in your page just happens to be not available or are they unavailable because they're patented?
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