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Hi, i'm scott and i know that many of you lost or just forgotten your combo for your combination padlocks and i'm offer my combination padlocks recovery service to provide you the codes you need to reuse your combination padlocks, i have code books for master, dudley, yale,junkunc combination padlocks. but first me your photo of the back of lock's serial # and photocopy your driver licnese or state ID. I'll check to see if i have it in my books then i'll email you either not confirm or if confirmed then i do accepts paypal for $3.00 USA very quickly 24 hours turnover and you will find your original combination in your email, Please remove 'nospam' from my email address. Thank you


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Hey, are you the guy who gave that little twerp the combination to my locker? I gots tah tell yah again how I hate wet chickens all over my books. You I can't wahack through the compooter, but I sure am going to beat the life out of that sawed off little twerp with the glasses. I mean but I am going to pound his hide but good now that he knows my locker combination. Did you get the three bucks I sent you so as I can get Scooter's combination? I think I'm going to put five or six basketballs in his locker when I can get the combination from you. Then I'm going to trip him, break his glasses, and pull his stupid little pants down.

-- Butch

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Stormin Mormon

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