Development for automatic key cutters

Hello again,
I was out of town on client business this week (major project in another
state) and was unable to read pertinent replies to my posting from January
3rd. My apologies for posting this again, but it seems my previous posting
had been purged...
(I did read the reply about buying someone else's software, and redirecting
the serial output to a file, but different key machine brands seem to have
their own command structure - and reverse engineering is not the proper
solution to making this very useful information available to other locksmith
software developers...)
- - - - -
I am working on a key control software system to manage master systems and
cores, keys and key issuance.
I would very much like to support automatic key cutting machines (HPC,
Framon, etc.) but none of the manufacturers seem to be forthcoming with
serial interface command structures (they sell their own software...).
Does anyone know where I might obtain development details for coding to
support these key cutting machines?
Thanks in advance for any useful responses.
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