Entry Systems Tools?

Greetings Fellow Locksmiths,

I do mainly auto lockout calls and service a porfolio of commercial clients entry/access systems. I recieved a flyer from Keepshooting.COM advertising the availability of a "Super Jimmy" from Entry Systems Tools. This looks like a slim jim on steroids.

My Question is, anyone out there using these? I'm tempted to get one, as it looks to make opening certain car types much easier than my SLIM-JIM.

Here's the URL with the specs:

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FYI, I can remember when this group was very active a few years back. Looks like some of the regulars are still here, but many have left.

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1.. IF you ARE using a 'slim jim', then you need a BETTER BOOK..
  1. LOTS of liability insurance
3.. I got a 10 pound hammer, can I build your house? (hopefully that gives you a clue)

if not..

for a FEW cars, its necessary.. but for others, I got this 6 foot crow bar, let me open the front door of your house for you with it..


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Systems Tools.

to get one, as

than my SLIM-JIM.

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years back.

have left.

do yourself a favor, invest in a quality "opening system". the yearly updates will come in very handy.

- wouldn't fall for them gimmicks. its sometimes amusing how those have been taking used car lots for years :-)


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Why would you support a place that advertises to steal cars? Get tools from your locksmith house.

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Stormin Mormon

That's what I was wondering.

One reason that I like using real locksmiths is that WHEN I WAS A LAD rumour had it that it was easier to become a made man in the mafia than to become an apprentice locksmith. A real locksmith wouldn't take you on unless he could trust you with his livelihood, his money, and his teenaged daughter.


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Maybe he is getting the skinny in the car thief world, possibly looking for ways to increase security for his customers-not a totally bad idea.

I had the rare opportunity to do this on a flight back from San Jose.I was talking to someone and telling them i was in the business and when this guy was asked what he did for a living, he says plainly and politely"I am an auto thief"

Of course my initial reaction should have been to attack him with all forms of morality retoric and verbally humiliate him in front of an unsuspecting crowd... But Noooooooooooooooooo..

We sat and had a good talk and I found out a few things.

Get a good openeing kit-The only tool that open ALL CARS is a cement block-LOL

later, goma

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