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I was told of 10 auto calls received 8 are for lockouts and three for key generation. Of 10 key generation calls 7 can be done via calling in code, 2 via non ignition codes located on car, and only 1 require you to remove ignition for code. Does this sound reasonable? Thanks, William

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William S. Gilman
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Not true your #'s are OFF out of ten calls 8 + 3 =11

The rest may be correct

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ok, in MY neck of the woods.. as far as key generation..considering how FEW old cars are around.. take the 'remove ign lock' out of the picture.. of the 10, then make 7 can be ;called in', AND they REQUIRE in over half the cases special programming equipment.. (IE- Ford, Chrysler, SOME foreign) and the other 3 will make the owner pucker SERIOUS time.. ( starting at a grand and UP)

as for the 8 lockouts...that can vary with area,, some places it would be 50/50.. others, it would be 9 lockouts and 1 key gen.


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8 + 3 = 11.

A lot depends on the market you are in. I have streaks of old car calls where I need to impression keys or otherwise make the keys followed by a string of calls where it is all late model stuff where codes are available.

I have observed that there are no real constants in theis business, only a great variety of problems to be solved. If you were to create a business plan based on one given set of parameters it is a safe bet that those would not hold true for long.

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Roger Shoaf

I was told of 10 auto calls received 8 are for lockouts and three for key generation.

Seems to add up to eleven, not ten!


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Not if one of the lockouts gets handled by generating a key... :-)

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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam

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