about safe deposit boxes

got a short story..
Bank called, abandoned box.. how much to open...
discussed the price and they said come on up the next day..
ok, asked if they had sent the registered letters out, etc?
WHAT registered letters???? turned out the person was only 2
months late on rent-I said go read state law.. call me..
they called a month later, had ANOTHER one, sent the letters
ok.. went to open it, and it was FULLLLLLL PACKED TIGHT..
ok they have to inventory EVERY piece of paper and keep it on
file, plus turn any monetary stuff over to the state..
one of the officers of the bank sid, HEY.. THIS PERSON is STILL
a customer...
he was, and they had numbers wrote down wrong, and had forced the
WRONG box...
month later, another call- 2 this time..
GUESS WHAT.. the customer accident from the PREVIOUS? his box
AGAIN.. the one they moved him TO.
bottom result.. people got FIRED.. I was innocent and HAD
covered myself..
and tomorrow am going to do 6 boxes.. ( at a bank that DOES have
good records of who rents what)

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