Have a Major Safe, probably 45 years old. Moved it from office to home.

Was able to open after the move, but not necessary to always lock. Emptied safe and locked and took several attempts before being able to unlock. It is a long combination with several turns and four stops. Is there anything that I can do to make it easier to lock and unlock after all this time?

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Patricia Bedford
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Yes. Next time you get it unlocked, LEAVE IT UNLOCKED! (Yes, I'm shouting.) Contact a local locksmith who is a member of SAVTA to service it. It's several orders of magnitude easier for the locksmith and cheaper for the customer to repair a malfunctioning safe when it's unlocked.

This link should help you find a reputable sefe technician.

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Jay Hennigan

Very easy to service this safe. Your local locksmith should be able to help. And they DON'T have to be a member of any national association like SAVTA to service your safe.

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Roger Cann

Except "your local locksmith" as found on a web search is often a scammer who drills out Kwiksets, or maybe someone whose skills are limited to prying car doors open to push the button. Your mileage may vary considerably.

Indeed, your old-school brick-and-mortar locksmith who has been in business for more than a decade and has done at least a minimal amount of safe work can likely handle it, but the original poster is more than likely to run into someone not competent by using Google to find a "local locksmith".

And, your local old-school locksmith who has been in business for more than a decade and has done at least a minimal amount of safe work is likely to be a member of ALOA and probably SAVTA. You're not going to pay a substantial premium between a bonafide competent local locksmith familiar with safe work and one who cares enough about the trade to be a member of a professional association.

To put it another way, hiring a SAVTA member locksmith pretty much assures that the safe will be properly serviced and good for at least a couple more decades of trouble-free operation. Hiring a "local locksmith" from a web search is pretty much a crapshoot and you may wind up with an unservicable or destroyed safe.

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Jay Hennigan

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