Help! I can't open the 2nd door of an Antique Diebold double-door safe!

This large beautiful safe has been in my family's business for over 100 years. We are selling the business and my grandfather, who knew how to open the safe, has passed away :( The sale is taking place any day and I cannot open the crossbar latch on the second door. The combination works to open the handle that pulls left or right bt no matter what I try to do I can not get the crossbar lever/latch to release and pull down. I wish I could post a picture because it would make this a lot simpler for you all to understand what I'm talking about since I do not know the proper terms. The worst part is that my great great grandfather built the world's smallest steam engine and it's inside the safe and if I cannot figure out how to open the safe before the sale of the business transpires then we will lose a family heirloom to the new owners. The worst part is I know there is just one small tip that will be the magic answer! I would appreciate any help VERY much!! I'm counting on you guys!! ;) Thank you! Dana

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Call a locksmith that specializes in safe work. There is not going to be a "simple" fix or tip. If the item inside is that important, then it is worth the few bucks to pay a professional to open it. Good luck!


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