Highfield Locks

I'm running a CATV cable contracting operation in South Central North
My guys are running into old pedestals that are equipped with (as near as I
can tell) Highfield barrel locks. They seem to have an internal thread and
you somehow pull the piston back, or out of way, allowing two ball bearings
to compress and then you can pull the barrel out of a containing locking
mechanism allowing you to open the ped cover and access the tap.
Its not a key per say, I don't believe, its some type of tool.
(Ok I'm not a locksmith....I'm a cable guy, this is all conjecture on my
part. A lot of them are frozen/rusted and wont go back into the locking
mechanism,they are just hanging there on a plastic yoke, so Ive had a look
at them, its a hardened steel "plug" with a hole in it, two small ball
bearings at the tip....but....let's continue)
Nobody in this system has keys for these things.
The TechOps managers solution: Drill them out.
YEAH! Drill them out!!!! HAHAHAHA!!
You all would know better than I but....these things are TOUGH.
T - O - U - G - H
And we are running into about every 5th to 6th ped we're burying new drops
to, locked with these #2$%%##* barrel locks.
This is on a shoestring contract where the faster we get these new wires in
the ground the more money we make so....
My questions....
Can I get the tool/key some where? If so where?
Can I pick them? (prob'ly not)
And if not....
Whats the quickest way to drill these things out?
All Thanks in advance
"Everything changes. Everything"
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These are a standard cable 'lock' used in regions all over the country. If you are in the cable industry or a sub contractor thereof you should not have any problem getting the tool. In fact you can get it easier than I can. I think but I'm not sure that Northern Telecom carries the tools in that area, if not contact Highfield Manufacturing directly:
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I don't know how many different locks Highfield makes. If you search for "Meter Lock" you'll get a few hits.
Some locks can be picked by hammering in a copper tube and pulling on the tube. It expands in the bottom, and releases the balls.
Dunno. They're hardened steel.
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