Tuf-Fi double bitted cam locks

Does anyone know where I can get some of these cam locks. One side of the key says "TUF-FI" the other side says "WT-205" They are brass keys and we have had them in operation for over 15 years in the coin- op world. I have tried all of my usual sources with no luck. I need

50-100 more of the locks. I am hoping I can order them by the numbers on the key. I just don't know who the manufacture is. Has anyone heard of this lock/key? and can find me more locks?

Thanks Russ

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couldn't find what you are looking for but,

15 years was a log time back and they may be discontinued ? your locks also couldn't be in that great of shape. this link may help ya if you end up replacing what ya got.
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Thanks for the info on the locks. I do have some gumballs and finding those locks are not easy. That info will come in handy.

After digging around I can't find any info on Tuf-Fi locks, anywhere, So how about plan B.

I have some cam locks with no keys. I have tried to get keys at my Local Locksmith but they can't seem to find a key. Would anyone be open to me sending them the lock and hopefully being able to find a key for it? I only need about 4-8 keys. I have a bunch of them and don't know the manufacture. Let me know, Thanks

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SOME locks, are keys from the manufacturer only- there being no 'aftermarket available' blanks to make keys. what part of the country you in?


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I am Ca, a few hours from Los Angeles. They did find a key that came real close. It was like a mail box key, He said. It fit in but couldn't be cut to work with the lock. It was to narrow on the first pin.

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I may be able to help.

E-mail me.

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Roger Shoaf

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