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Hello, all. In various magazines for school administrators over the years Master Lock has advertised both their 1500 and 1525 combo padlock models. Most schools purchased the 1525 (a 1500 w/key override). These locks are still available but why would an institution want to purchase the 1525 when keys are easily available to anyone online (e.g. from CrazyhCactus)? 30 or more years ago obtaining control keys from other than Master would've been more difficult. I don't think stamping "Registered Do Not Duplicate" on the key amounts to much more then a reminder to its possessor. Thanks for your time and comment.

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J.B. Wood
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Decades ago when I was in high school we would just disassemble one lock and file a key to fit. This was before the Internet and eBay so we had to be a bit creative.

Keys are also available to anyone with a few dollars, a bit of social engineering skill, and a nearby lock shop that can cut keys from code.

Locks serve the purpose of slowing down a substantial percentage of the bad guys. The 1525 accomplishes this.

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