looking for safe door

I have a small safe built into a concrete block in my
basement wall. It has a door which is 14" wide and about
4" high which is steel with a small key lock in the
middle. This is about 1.5" long and was attached to
2 metal bars on the back which slotted into the side of
the safe when locked.
I am looking for a replacement door for this as it is
in bad shape. It is marked:
Duluth Minn
on the door.
Would anyone know of a source for this?
Thanks, Robert.
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Robert Jenson
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post it in the public section, and see if someone has one
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An alternative to replacing the door would be to have the defects repaired.
Since you are talking about a flat rectangular piece of steel this should not be a problem.
If the door is OK and the lock is just buggered, often these can be repaired or replaced also.
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Roger Shoaf

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