Hyundai V1-1200 Series

Hello All, I am looking for depth and spacing for this hyundai series. The depth and spacing I have apears to be off. Thanks in advance. John Middleman,CRL

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Do you mean Y1-1200? Blanks: X196/HY5 X187/HY4 X233/KK1 X240/KK2


1-.280 2-.260 3-.240 4-.220


1-.098 2-.197 3-.295 4-.394 5-.492 6-.591 7-.699

MAX/CM or PCH-Widen cut #7 .010 for Kia and Hyundai There is another set of spaces and depths for the series. Says increments can vary.


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sometimes, go to

formatting link
and look in the locksmith section, and new spaces and depths.. he shows them there


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