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I would like to know how I can start making ignition keys. I am a new locksmith and I am trying to find out information regarding the above subject.

Where is the best place to purchase the machine and is it easy to get the codes.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

George Vlahogiannis


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George Vlahogiannis
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for which vehicles- and DONT SAY ALL..

I am a new

mobile? Curtis Clipper or Pak a Punch. codes? lots are NOT available at all.. impressionion or remove locks and work from them. door/trunk/glove, for instance


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You said you are a new locksmith. What sort of training/experience have you had so far?

Are you working for someone or in business for yourself? If the latter, what is your company name and where are you located?

What key machine are you presently using?

This information will help us to better help you.

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Bob DeWeese, CML, CJS

If you are a locksmith,you should already have a locksmith supplier. You will need to mail or fax them proof of your business, including the type of license you have and some personal and credit information. suppliers have everything from paper code books to code programs like CodeSource. Sometimes you will have to wait a while on codebooks.They are not stocked heavily. I hope you are not planning on only cutting keys to the code-becasue alot of times(for me-always)the code will not be available. Or sometimes the lock will be rekeyed to another code, so the code number stamped on it is wrong(that is-even if it is stamped-regardless of what any book reads)-shit happens...

No negativity-Just reality.

Later, goma.

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