Broken Key in Ignition 1996 Nissan Altima

Can anyone give me information on how I can get my key out of the lock?
If there is a visual manual or other type resource I can look at it.
I appreciate any help.
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Watch out for the advice columns which tell you to try to superglue the broken part of the key to the part in the lock -- you are bound to end up with glue in the lock.
'Picking' it out with a homemade 'extractor' sounds like the most workable.
"A locksmith is going to use a key extractor that looks exactly like a coping saw blade with a sharp point and a handle. These require a gentle touch but will usually get it. Slide it in the loosest part, twist gently to get the teeth to grab the key and pull straight out. It takes a light touch. Hold your mouth right. -- Pulling the lock cylinder is a major exercise (they are made to foil thieves, after all) and will probably require a locksmith. -- Do not put sticky things in locks. Duh. "
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How to get a broken key out of ignition?
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Mike Easter
If you can find a small fish hook and straighten the curve on the end, you can use the tiny barb to grab the broken key bit by its side.
Be careful to slide the straightened hook tip along the side of the key, twist gently and pull outward slowly. The trick is not to push the broken key piece farther into the lock!
Also if the piece is inside the lock any distance, you may need to use a paper clip or bobby pin to push up any pins/wafers that dropped down in front, since they will prevent you from removing the broken piece...
Take your time, and good luck!
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The answer to your question is it depends.
Is this the ignition lock? How much of the key is broken off? how much damage are you willing to risk to avoid a nominal charge at a locksmith shop?
My usual advice is don't screw with it, call the locksmith. Screwing with it runs the risk of making a simple job a complex one real easy.
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Roger Shoaf
Mike, you forgot to mention the he should make sure the key plug is in the off/locked position. it won't come out in any position but the position it went in. my2¢
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Try fishing it out with a broken key extractor. In a pinch you can make one out of a hacksaw blade. Cut it down so that it is little more than teeth and insert into the lock teeth facing outward and try to hook the key. Professional ones will probably work better though.
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