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I'm searching for a large cabinet-style safe. Not necessarily a new one,
but one that is well built (knowing nothing about safes). What are some
quality safe manufacturers?
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Alan Andrews
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and you want it for? a FIRE rated safe is NOT a burglary type, and vice versa.. if you need BOTH-its a lotta $$$$$, epecially for the bigger sizes.. --Shiva--
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I would say you are in the cat bird seat so to speak.
Large safes tend to be an item that is not worth much on the used market and tend to sit around used quite often.
Conversely if you wanted to find a used box the size of an end table, those usually get snatched up as soon as they hit the show room floor.
I would take a look at lock shops in your area for used safes of this description.
As far as quality goes most manufacturers make a good product. If the door operates well and the mechanism works smoothly all of them tend to be good.
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Roger Shoaf
check with your local safe shops. they may have just what you are looking for.
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