Re: Trailer trash mother and daughter

>> Watching ACA I fewlt ashacamed to be an Oarssstrailian.
>> Schapelles screaming sister who went into hysterics. Cringe.
>> And then the mother: Was she drunk or smoking pot? Sooooooo uneducated. >>
>> Its best that Schapelle rot and goal and not have the chance to pass on
>> the recessive genes.
> rot and goal eh....recessive genes who has ?
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Another Neanderthal falling for the Howard/Media demonisation of the Corby's to take the heat out of the outrage over her sentence so the rodent won't be embarrassed in Indonesia.
What's particularly sad about hayseeds like Taxiruss, is that the poor bastard doesn't have enough grey cells to realise that he's being manipulated.
I wouldn't mind betting that he fell for the interest rate scare as well.
Any bets?
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