Start Car without Key!

I have a 1984 Mazda Rx-7 and I baught it from a junkyard. When I got it, it was for parts. Later I decided that it was to good. Is there any way to start the car without the key to see if its worth letting a locksmith check it out. If u need my email is!!

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wayne c

If you could easily start the car without a key... it wouldn't be much of a lock, would it? Be serious.

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Joe Kesselman

Oh, I did one of those last year. However, as a professional locksmith I'm surely not going to teach anyone lock defeating or bypassing via the internet. That would be highly unprofessional.

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Stormin Mormon

Well sort of. you could probably start the engine but you will still have a locked steering wheel. There are several ways to do this.

The simple way is to remove the ignition shroud, then on the back end of the ignition lock there is a switch. If this is held into the lock with a couple of screws then you can remove it from the lock and actuate the switch to start the car. This way you can hear the engine. Then I would take the door lock out and bring it to the locksmith.

On some of these the switch is crimped into the back of the lock. That would be a little trickier. If that is the case you can use jumper wires but that has some risk of shorting something you don't want to short.

Since this does not defeat the steering lock I feel that it is OK to share this especially on a 22 year old car.

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Roger Shoaf

"Drew", read the FAQ before asking defeating instructions.

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