Dekoron Plastic Tubing Information

I'm looking for material specifications (specifically its pressure
rating) for the following product:
black plastic tubing, 1/4-inch outside diameter, Dekoron Type 1300
I've Googled and searched the Web. Only thing I was able to come up
with so far is tenuous references to the following: may have been a
DuPont product type originally, may have been made by a manufacturing
plant in Aurora Ohio, may have changed names to "Dekabon", may be the
same product as "Synflex 1300" now manufactured by Saint-Gobain.
Alternately, are there any types of plastic tubing available that are
rated beyond 150 psi for gas (air, nitrogen) service?
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Eric G. Schneier
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appears that Dekoron was/is? a Furon product, however Furon is now under Saint-Gobain plastics and no mention of Dekoron is found there. Maybe because Dekoron is a plastic/metal composite it was not taken on by Saint-Gobain. Anyway, the link above has pressure/temperature relations for Dekoron's Dekobon 1300 composite tubing. Hope this helps BobKat
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