facts on the transmutation of lead metal into 10kt gold

How the United States can Sink the National Debt.

re: Turning Lead into 10kt Gold Coins

If the United States, transmutated lead metal into $100 US Created

10KT Gold Coins ( oreo cookie style ) and issued $100 Created "

Gold Certificates" , and then Deposited them under US title 12

section 412, into the US Treasury National Debt Sinking Fund as "

collateral notes " the national debt can be easily sunk, while keeping

series E US Savings Bonds, for economic stability, thus removing

a big encomonic stress on the US ecomony because " money ends

suffering ."

Based on the following, the wealth of the United States needs to

be reassessed at least 10 x, ( this Country is SUPER RICH .why have

a needless debt.)

Facts on Lead Metal and its Transmutation into


(1) Lead metal has 82 protons & electrons and

contains Gold in it already and Lead is the ONLY

METAL that can be the STANDARD WEIGHT as

10kt Gold ( that is semi safe to use )

(2) Lead metal does transmutate into Gold when

bombarded with a source of neutrons.

(3) It is alleged that Lead naturally transmutes into

Gold over millions of years within a vein of quartz

chrystals and the piezo electric effect interaction,

like coal into diamonds.

(4) Certain compounds when added to lead metal ,

will turn lead into golden color, see " yellow lead "

" naples yellow " ( a gold color ) and see the golden

lead chrystal, " Vanadinite ."

(5) Being the only metal suitable as the Standard

Weight as 10kt gold, lead can be easily transmuted

into $100 US Created Gold Coins for the US Mint

and its $100 Created Gold certificates and if a layer

of real 10kt gold covers the created gold coin, it will

be safe for people to handle.

(6) Lead is decayed uranium.

If the Federal Reserve, US Mint and Treasury needs a Modern Alchemist please let me know, I would like to work on this project for the US government because money ends suffering.

" Therefore buy of me gold refined in the fire " God rev 3:18 Because Money Ends Suffering.

May God Bless You Yours Faithfully Rev Daniel Izzo BA/ MS science researcher inventor

512 Onondaga Ave Syracuse, NY 13207
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