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a precedent for my better conductor:

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hans> " Dr. Yehiel Porat's theory predicts that if you alloy Fe with Xy

you will obtain a metal that is not brittle but flexible at -150F > and has a better conductivity than Silver"

Dr. -> dr.

For a bit I wonderd if one could get palladium or rhodium to behave a better conductivity than silver if it were surrounded by a positive field to relieve the conductional charges so that they match silver's in configuration.

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Autymn D. C.
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----------------------------------- Hi Auty

i wonder how is it that you recalled somethuing of me aftersuch a long time thanks anyway for remembering me ..... (:-)

2 i cant say just now that i can predict all of the above predictions that you presented in my name i only said that my model is a good base for further advance about all ther above predictions and uses yet it is not as simple as just to draw it out of your sleeves- just like that simple **it needs much more investment based on that model* th eworld of matter is a huge ocean that needs a lot of work to folow it all we can do try and crack it step by step and a bit after a bit** and certainly it is not a one man s job !!

now AFAIR from my investment in my research i dwelled quite lenghtly on irin and steel (as a structural engineer who was dealing with that material at my 40 years of day job one of the important characteristics of irin and even steel is ductility! that makes stell ans iron a wonderful amterial for building because it is very ductile tothose who dont know:ductility is the property of metal (or any material) to get streched before it breaks!! it is very important for a building matreial to .... prevent sudded disasters!! ie before of insatnce that your ciling is colpasing- it gives you a lot of alarm rings for instance you see crackes that become bigger and bigger iow it does not collaps at once in surprise as say pure concrete or ceramics it is because steel has a good property ie it can be streched about 20 percent of its orriginal lenght befotre breraking!!

btw gold is much more impressive in that sense !! (but muchweaker )so i was looking at my model of iron nuclear Atomic and not least its crystaline (metal latice) structure) and i could find and explained why is that ductility property it is depending onj its edge chain of orbitald of iron (back one proton and neutron cahin of orb. and at teh front pole deuteron ones in addition while looking at its metal latice i noticed that iron connections fromone atom to its neighbours are not all of them connected some of them are free from connection and that is exactly the plcae (accoding to my guess) in wich thr additional metals of steel are added tofillther gup of connection between neighbours

i even made a calculation (a quantitive one) to explain why is the optimal avrage addition of about 4 percent of Carbon is an optimal amount (of carbon addition or another instance why is it more than 10 percent of nickel to iron to make the allooy a rust free aloy!! it filles up all those free palces in whichj Oxygen can get it and blow thw iron in corrosion!! you atke the weight of iron the weight of Nickel and the number of each sort in a latice unit and you get the resuly of something more than 10 percent to fillthe gups

tha twas jusr one example to show the use and the big potential of that model

i could as well expalin why semi conductors are as they are etc etc

ps excuse not spe;; chaking it is too long.......yet i am sure people whith some patiance could get it thouhg the spelling mistakes

ATB Y.Porat


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Yehi, old buddy! -- Happy 2007 to you! Go prod Helmut Wabnig for further promotional help on your endeavor here. So, just break into/respond to one of his posts. Copy and post THIS here post as your response to a number of his posts, and keep doing so until he reacts and responds to YOU. Helmut will respond sooner or later since he does not wanna be known as a coward or worse, especially since Wabnig always likes to play big-n-hot shot in physics. Good luck, Yehi, go sic'em! hanson

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---------------------------------- Hi hanson old budy and happy new year!!

i realy dont know what and why do you suggest i am not sure if you are serious or joking and i know nothing about Helmuth who is he ???

**and why do you suggest that from all the scintific world i have to address just him??**

TIA to hansen Y.Porat


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haha, you'r takin' hanson serious. Don't do that, because, as hanson said, "we are here for fun"

GrrEeTz, w.

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Helmut Wabnig

---------------------------------- so Hey Hanson !! that is waht you do to your old Budy?? you bothered to raise again that thread **of yours** just to make fun of me ??

do you consider my model a joke ?? what do you know about my model ?? do you consider that behaviour of yours as a responsible one ?? do you consider the exsiting situation of connon scince as satisfactory ?? no need for some revision no need for some advance ? or may be you think that everything is under control' may be you think that the existing knowledge is godd enough for making our everyday life better?? may be you think that all our life is just a big joke ??

TIA only to Hanson Y.Porat


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