International Space Agency

Dear sci.materials
This post is to set the record straight, and to correct the great deal
of incorrect and extremely old & outdated information which is
displayed on this news group when the search term
"International Space Agency" is entered into the google search box, for
google news groups. Much of these posts which are displayed when
"International Space Agency" is entered in Google Search, is as old as
1990??!!, and also posts which have absolutely nothing what so ever to
do with "International Space Agency". This incorrect and outdated
information is being routinely displayed in the top listings in both
the "Sorted by relevance" and "Sort by date" when the term
"International Space Agency" is entered into Google Search Box.
As this is now doing great damage to the International Space Agency
(ISA) Organization, Trademarked & Copyrighted (1986-2005) Name & Public
Identity, and is causing great confusion to the general public who are
searching for the "International Space Agency" on google, and then
getting this incorrect, outdated, and at times, plagiarized information
and materials.
Also, this false, outdated, and incorrect information is being used by
propaganda professionals, antagonists, and anarchists, who have been
routinely and systematically using this information to deceive the
unsuspecting public, and to slander the good name of the International
Space Agency (ISA) Organization.
Please see this updated and correct information about the International
Space Agency (ISA) Organization, Thanks.
This is the present International Space Agency (ISA) Organization,
Google News Group:
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This is the official International Space Agency (ISA) Organization, Web
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Ad-Astra! "To The Stars!"
In Peace For All Humanity! So Say We All!
Sincerely, Best Regards,
Mrs. Victoria Scott, Ph.D.
Public Affairs Officer
International Space Agency, I.S.A.
International Space Administration
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International Space Agency, I.S.A.
Diplomatic Offices - Washington, D.C.
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(202) 917-0209
International Space Agency, I.S.A.
Administrative Offices - Omaha, Nebraska
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(402) 299-2799
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