Research Study Detects Thermoelectromagnetic Convection in Amalgam Fillings

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They observed cavitations and voids in the material after a MRI and ascribed the creation of the voids to electrical flow, not induced magnetic (hysteresis) heating.
They found what they expected and stopped looking for real cause. For some reason they can't explain why it did appear for all the amalgams. I think the differences are more telling and deserves an explanations before any conclusion can be justified.
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Bob Officer
Not a CAVE at all. My father was a dentist and we both MEASURED the e-potential. Also noted that there were definite physiological changes in a few particular people after the fillings were removed and replaced BEFORE they knew or were told that the process was complete. This is the problem of mixing politics with science. Scientists get bent to the will of those paying the money regardless of the truth. Instead of setting up proper experiments and observing the results; the try to bend the experiment setups to 'prove' their false assumption. It is even worse when they are paid by those looking to avoid prosecution by funding that Bad science so that they won't have to pay out or admit that their enforced practice was flat wrong. Amalgam was once considered explicit malpractice approximately 100 to 150 years ago. Hazardous material handling procedures for Amalgams are one clear indicator that the alleged 'safety' of the material is a sham and NOT based in scientific fact. Such 'professional' negligence points to a political expediency mandate. That is not beyond what Americans have already experience as abuse by factions of their Government experimenting [and murdering] groups or individuals for their own [sometimes arcane] reasons. Did you really REALLY think they would stop experimenting since being exposed as doing so? Recall the countless examples, one including the now famous radiation exposure of soldiers to a nuke blast test.
As to why they think they can unilaterally allow factions of the government to experiment on anyone; it is simple: Because they CAN Because their activities are virtually Undetectable to the public at large. Because they see themselves as priviledged to do so: annointed to do so and their behavior demonstrates that this is so. Because they think they are better than everyone else.
This also applies to foreign government operatives. That was revealed by Obama in his declaration that 'if we [the USA] are attacked with biological or chemical weapons; we will not retaliate'. Look it up. He did say this in one of his many droll teleprompter recitations.. While this is not brief, it is just fact. Now it has evolved that when Elites don't like the responses they get from those they are appointed to govern... they seek to REPLACE those that disagree with them. They are doing that right now quite effectively by shutting down America to free people.
That... should be considered High Crime as they are Thieves and Thugs.
It is a clearly a form of Financial-Culture Ethnic Cleansing. It denies the average citizen access to the means of making a living and denies them access to the workplace. They Own the Banks, the corporations get in bed with whoever is in power. It has always been that way: for favor financially. The rest pay protection money, struggle along and hope they don't become a target, some move to foreign countries where there are not so many bastard politicians passing bogus repressive laws, or they close their doors.
But then some... WANT to be slaves: [read the 'occupy Wall Street' groups] and they will drag us all who want to be free and who are smarter than them down to slave level. The same old Animal Farm behavior repeating again and again.
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As to your point; I can agree that they may not correctly accessed the causes.
It wouldn't be the 1st time a set of scientists? found an effect and gave the wrong reasons for it.
As a geologist, I can see how crystal domain boundary migrations and element behavior studies under MRI conditions would be useful and would be an interesting set of studies. Some conditions for the tests would likely be: compositional variance in amalgams [small variations and contaminants might be signficant], element distribution of those that display effects vs those that do not, morphology [topology], and vary STP environmental test conditions
In other words, I certainly do not know the conditions used to conduct their experiments It is not my field [though I also work in electronics and in IT], material science is a key part of a formal geology education [at least for us old school guys].
The main reason I replied at all is because someone mentioned that:
a bimetallic substance such as Amalgam in the presence of a weak acid did NOT produce electricity.
That statement is demonstrably false [and is something even a well educated 5th grader should know...] I find the bluster of ignorant people with absolutely NO knowledge of science or the [classical] scientific method... reprehensible.
I'm sure you can name a few of these reprehensible people in politics today who are blatantly exploit their appointed positions using pseudo "Science" to justify their wholesale theft of those [ignorant people] who elected them.
and the beat goes on. [turning quite dark]
There are a whole group of people who would call that "Racist" in reply to me... as IF THAT had anything to do with anything here.
So much for the hope of a rational sane free world, huh?
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Particles of what? that is not specific enough. Define "particles" as it is used.
We are talking a metal mixture of Hg, Ag and possibly other trace [metal or other] contaminants.
Mercury amalgams come in a variety of compositions: even the ones used in dentistry in foreign countries.
Side note: some of the gold fillings that come from Mexico are radioactive. [isn't that nice!?] Those who understand where gold is found understand that gold and radioactive materials can be found in the same place.
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The production would be point to point and self grounding across the exposed surface of the dental amalgam. The current flow would not leave the site because of non-differenation of the material, and if it did, wouldn't it be so small, it would not be significant. Additionally any the electrodes used to measure the flow of current, themselves, metal would introduce enough artifacts to make any current detected uncertain. (Guess Who's* cat appears when you least expect it.)
Erwin Schrödinger's Cat
Schrödinger allows us to realize by looking for current flow across the face of an implanted amalgam, we are apt to induce the flow ourselves in the testing for it.
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Bob Officer
by the Journal of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology has reported thermoelectromagnetic convection effects in amalgam dental fillings when subjected to MRI scanning.
The abstract from the report concludes:
"The results of this study suggest that MRI is not a completely safe technique in patients with amalgam restorations. It was shown that the main effect of fields led to the appearance of thermoelectromagnetic convection, which is responsible for the enhancement of the diffusion process, grain boundary migration and vacancy formation resulting in microleakage."
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As far as I know there is no electrolysis, or "galvanic activity", involved in thermoelectromagnetic convection phenomena.
I'd say that this study proves beyond any doubt that, just like all the rest of the metallic materials in the universe, metal amalgam dental fillings really do have electromagnetic properties, even if the established dental profession still maintains the habit of ignoring these properties whenever it can.
It has been demonstrated that amalgam dental fillings generate electrical potentials with magnitudes of up to 350 millivolts - see
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It has also been demonstrated that amalgam potentials of this magnitude arise even when the fillings are NOT IN CONTACT WITH ANY SALIVA - see
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However, even though it is possible to routinely measure amalgam potentials using a cheap hand-operated volt-meter (see
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), it appears that experiments have still not been caried out in order to determine the degree to which these potentials are able to dissipate electrical energy through the nerves in people's heads.
The use of amalgams in dentistry was established long before anyone even knew what an electron was; and it was quickly followed by the rise to prominence of psychiatric "medicine" in our societies.
It seems eminently possible that, since it has been making judgements from a position of ignorance in these matters for all these years, the established dental profession has failed to recognise that the real cause of much of the so-called "psychiatric" and/or "neurological" disfunction in our populations is the effect of the electrical behavior of amalgam dental fillings on the neurological system (search Google Groups for "150 years of electric batteries in people's teeth").
Does anyone disagree?
Remember that, although it is the natural function of the human neurologiocal system to transmit electrical signals via nerve tissue, it is not the natural function of the human neurological system to be permanently dissipating the electrical potentials generated by amalgam fillings in teeth.
And don't forget, there is no electrolysis involved.
Keith P Walsh
PS "Enquiries Concerning The Electrical Properties of Dental Amalgams" can be found at:
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Jan Drew
mercury did not cause jan drew's health problems.
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Martin Rady
On Mon, 24 Oct 2011 01:48:01 -0400, Jan Drew wrote (in article ):
All scientific studies alleged to be 90% flawed.
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Look at high-resolution microscopy pictures of amalgam fillings.
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Happy Oyster

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