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Surface Review and Letters Vol. 10, No. 5 (October 2003)

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Heteroepitaxial Film of Monolayer Graphene/Monolayer h-BN on Ni(111) by T. Tanaka, A. Ito, A. Tajima, E. Rokuta and C. Oshima

Scattering and Transmission of Elastic Waves from an Interface Between Two Planar Waveguides by M. Tamine

Optical Properties of Excitons in Quantum Well Wires Under the Magnetic Field by E. Kasapoglu, H. Sari and I. Sokmen

The Kinetic Study of H2S Formation and Desorption on the S/Pt(111) Surface by Computer Simulation by A. Z. Moshfegh and K. H. Zakeri

Direct Estimation of the Fractal Dimensions of a Fracture Surface of Rock by H. W. Zhou and H. Xie

Studies of Ag/Fe Interfacial Free Energies by Biaxial Zero Creep Experiments by Bing An, Tong-Jun Zhang, Chao Yuan and Kun Cui


Motions and Reactions of Single Adsorbed Molecules Induced by Vibrational Excitation with STM by H. Ueba

The Morphology of Fracture Surfaces: A Tool for Understanding Crack Propagation in Complex Materials by Elisabeth Bouchaud

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