The variation of contact angles

Hi all,
I want to work at this subject in the future.But i couldnt find any
documentation or works dor this subject.Do you have any idea?
'The variation of contact angles by increasing the surface roughness of
solids in the nanometer range'
What do you think about this subject?
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What? Couldn't find any documentation? It's been done to death. Pick up a stack of Science journals from the past 5 years and flip, trust me you'll find something. Biomimetics crap, etc. If you make a dense array of nanoscale features, it would take a lot of force to overcome the surface tension of a water droplet and force it into the crevice. Think capillary tubes. The only revelation is the ability to fabricate said surfaces. Learning English helps so you can do an appropriate search.
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Thanks rekuci.You are very helpful. yazdi:
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chemist aysen

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