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I currently have a drill press in my garage but am puzzled as to
why it has failed. It creates a humming noise but the drill shaft does not
rotate. I have changed the switch but to no avail and I've already sent back
one with the same problem and I am wondering whether anyone else had the
same problem the Draper drill press? Could it be that the belts are too
tensioned or is it the No-Volt safety switch? I've only used it a few times
so it shouldn't really have failed. I really am at a loss with this product
so any suggestion's greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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Simon Griffiths
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Dear Simon Griffiths:
The "hum" is suggestive of a locked rotor. If you remove the belt, does the motor turn freely? If so, then the fault lies in the spindle bearing(s). If not, then the motor is shot. Make sure that the voltage delivered to the press is approximately correct (plug a nightlight into the same receptacle, see if its gets really dim).
Just some places to start...
David A. Smith
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I have a radial arm saw with a capacitor-start motor and had the same problem once. I was using the saw outside with a rather long extension cord. I believe the voltage drop along the cord was excessive. When I eliminated the long cord I had no problem. If you are using lengthy wiring to the motor try shortening it or increase the wire gauge size. If you still have a problem it may be a faulty capacitor or burned windings in which case you will probably need to replace either the capacitor or the motor itself. Farmer
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