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I have "A First Course in the Finite Element Method" by Daryl L.
Logan. I currently have the 2nd edition. The source code for several
FORTRAN programs is provided however it is on a 5-14" and I do not
have access to 5-14" drive. I was hoping that someone would have the
code on a somewhat less archaic media and could possibly post it or
send it in an attachment via e-mail.
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I can't help you with a Fortran version. I suggest you look at: "An Introduction to the Finite Element Method using Basic Programs", by D. K. Brown, Surrey University Press, 1984, ISBN 0-903384-45-0 Pbk
My copy has several examples using DOS Basic code and a few errors in the code. Fixing those errors helps to understand what is occurring in the code. It is a dated paperback text with 188 pages, but there may be an updated version.
Jim Y
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Jim Y

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